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EXL, a leading business process solutions company, today announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with The NorthPoint Group.   Click Here.

The risks and benefits of board bias    It can be valuable or a disaster 

Tracy E. Houston

Dave Chapman, chairman and CEO of The NorthPoint Group, is interviewed on the topic decision-making and personal bias.  Click Here

The NorthPoint Mission  "Predictive insights for actionable decisions"

Research that leads to the development of software-based tools and a database (Fundamental Business Activities, Steps, Tasks and Processes) for identifying root cause of performance issues and the unmet and unidentified needs of Enterprises that drive growth opportunities.

Using analytics to provide predictive (expected time, cost and delivery value based on current course and speed) and prescriptive (what must be changed, for what reason and how to do it) insights for business leaders to optimize and sustain Enterprise/functional performance over time through a repeatable and measurable improvement process.

Our Software-based tools support:
The foundation of our software-based tools is a database of 1,400 analytical assessments and 7,000 Fundamental Business Activities, and related Steps, Tasks and Processes, each weighted for its impact on ROI/Value.
Utilizing the software-based tools, we have performed assessments in the U. S., Europe, Middle East, and Asia for over 500 enterprises.  These enterprises included commercial, as well as not-for-profit, local, state, and national governments.  The results have all been incorporated into the vast NorthPoint databases.
Our Software-Based tools assist customers with many of their most significant challenges:

Improved Performance - Optimize performance of the Enterprise/Business Unit/Function by focusing on the 105 Fundamental Business Activities & associated metrics that drive value.  (within 6 quarters increased revenue 6.4%, reduced costs 4.2% - 6.7% & improved EBITDA 4.6%)

Cost Optimization - Cost effectively (days versus weeks or months) reduce/eliminate non-value added processes/activities via identification of processing time, transaction volumes, metrics, issues & resolutions. (expect 20 - 40% cost savings in a particular process areas such as rework, poor information, duplication of efforts)

Realizable Revenue & Growth - Maximize revenues for commercial offerings by quantifying & prioritizing customer unmet and unidentified needs.  (increased 3 - year revenue 20 - 60%; improved margins 12%; raised customer loyalty and customer care 22 - 28%; reduced time-to-offering-profitability from 61 to 13 months)

Business Partner/Supplier ROI - Maximize the value of relationships with alliance partners, suppliers, distributors / VARS.  (cash flow improved and the sales cycles reduced by 22 - 30%; improved supply chain costs by 11%; improved schedule performance by 21% and inventory 23% in 12 months)

Initiative ROI - Optimize the time, cost and ROI from major IT/business initiatives.  (identified the root cause of issues and reduced the expenditure by 20 - 31%; improved the implementation value by 17 - 43%; increased ROI by 19% to 27%)

Shared Service & Outsourcing Value - Maximize the ROI from shared services & outsourcing service delivery models.  (ROI for improvements range from 22 - 26%)

Business ROI from IT - Enable business leaders to articulate and prioritize their IT needs to optimize performance and ROI.  (improved enterprise ROI by 38%; improvement in Time to Market by 37%)

IT Performance Optimization - Optimize IT strategy, performance and costs.  (improved IT performance 23%; improved enterprise performance 31%; reduced IT salary costs 20%)

Performance Measurement - Optimize performance of the Enterprise/Business Unit/Function by focusing on the 105 Fundamental Business Activities & associated metrics that drive the value to best-in-class performance.

Cloud Impact on Business - Innovate with Cloud architecture to transform the business model.  (SaaS provided cost improvement opportunities of 6.6% - 17.4% in the first 18 months; ROI for business model improvements range from 22.7 - 37.2%)

Methodology substantially increases stakeholder ownership and commitment to realizing benefits:  Most of the software-based tools are used in the facilitated session with key stakeholders who score, on a consensus basis, statements weighted for their impact on ROI.  Because the tools are driven by analytics the assessments are quick (< 1 day) and accurate (90+%), and can be repeated on a 90-120 day cycle to measure value achieved and refresh the action plan.  You could think of the as a .5 - 1 day collaborative stakeholder workshop driven by analytics...

The software products are easy to use, easy to understand, and the actionable results can be easily implemented and measured on an ongoing basis.

Our Business Model:

Implementation and channel partners:  NorthPoint is a research and software-based assessment & performance measurement tool company.  We provide our tools directly to Enterprise customers for use by their teams; as well as through multiple channel partners, who include our tools in their consulting and advisory services:

  • Global consulting companies
  • Boutique advisory firms with expertise in Marketing and Sales Management, Information Technology, Program Management, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, etc.
  • Individual contributors with at least fifteen years of consulting experience and expertise in specialized fields





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